The Importance of Nonprofit Leadership Training

How Nonprofit Leadership Training Will Improve Your Organizational Success

A nonprofit’s board and executive leadership team are the driving forces behind organizational success, that is, achieving the strategic mission. While these key positions hold years of experience and knowledge, growth within the nonprofit may become stagnant. Why? Because these leaders might not have developed the contemporary skills and competencies needed to lead the organization forward.

If your organization’s leaders could enhance their tools to continue bringing success, consider nonprofit leadership training.

The Benefits of Leadership Training

Training will strengthen the board and executive leaders’ skills, competencies, and leadership styles. This, in turn, will help advance the organization’s cause, encourage personal growth, and build a stronger community. Training can be completed through online courses or performance evaluations.

What Leadership Skills Are Needed in Nonprofit Management?

Board members and executive leaders need to make informed decisions for the wellbeing of the organization. But if they’re lacking in key competencies, how can the right choices be made? Here are the top six leadership skills for nonprofit management:

  • Organizational performance
  • Strategic planning
  • Fiscal stewardship
  • Effective leading
  • Positive relationship building
  • Upholding brand identity

Performance and Organization Assessments

To ensure your leaders have the above competencies, consider performance and organizational assessments:

  • Does your nonprofit board conduct an annual performance assessment?
  • Does your leadership team perform an annual organizational assessment?

High-performing nonprofit organizations have a partnership between their boards and the executive leadership team. The best way to ensure your organization is successfully serving your mission is to complete our DCM Executive Leadership & Board Governance Online Assessment Survey.

The DCM confidential online survey will identify how well your executive leadership team and board members work together as true partners in both sustaining your mission and achieving your strategic vision. Our unique survey will also identify strong competencies as well as ones that may need improvement. To be truly considered “partners,” the nonprofit leadership and board governance must follow best and up-to-date practices.

Purchase the Assessment Survey online or contact DCM Associates for more information.