5 Tips to Promote Growth for Your Nonprofit

Why Your Organization Isn’t Growing: Promote Growth for Your Nonprofit

Are you looking to grow your nonprofit organization? There are several ways nonprofits can market their organization to achieve growth, reach their target audience, and garner support for its mission. Here are five ways you can grow your organization.

1. Strong Leadership Development

Growing your organization starts with having strong leadership development. At DCM, our leadership assessment allows nonprofit organizations to identify and retain the highest quality talent for management and leadership roles. Through this assessment, DCM can measure a candidate’s behavioral traits, cognitive abilities, and professional interests. Therefore, the first step in promoting growth for your nonprofit is through ensuring your leadership is competent and qualified.

2. Remain Committed to Your Mission

Every task or initiative that your nonprofit takes on should reflect your organization’s mission. It may be tempting to take on projects that aren’t closely aligned with your mission to expand your organization’s reach and platform. However, working within the scope of your mission promotes trust and keeps your organization centered on its goals.

3. Build Trust

Nonprofits must constantly prove themselves to be trustworthy and reliable, and it all starts with transparency. Donors won’t write checks unless they believe their money is going exactly where they’ve been told it’s going. By being open, honest, and realistic about your organization’s operations, donors will trust you and, in turn, will promote growth.

4. Determine Your Target

Before you can grow your nonprofit, you must first determine your target. By identifying your key demographics, you can begin to tailor your marketing efforts to reach them. Having a solid marketing strategy in place can grow your organization and prompt your audience to take action.

5. Set Measurable Goals

To accurately track the progress your organization is making, create measurable goals. Having measurable goals provides you with an easy way to evaluate what is helping and what you should change. For example, do you want to earn a certain amount fundraising or host several events? Or maybe you want to require your leaders to complete ongoing training and courses.

How DCM Associates Can Help

DCM Associates can work with you to grow your organization and match them with competent leadership. We can help train your current leadership team or find new leaders through our executive search service. To learn more about how we can help you, schedule a complimentary consultation.