What is the Role of a Nonprofit Board for High Performance?

What is the Role of a Nonprofit Board & How to Become High Performing

What is the role of a nonprofit board? High performing nonprofit boards will work collaboratively with the CEO and in partnership as leaders on decision-making to ensure the organization can successfully sustain their mission and achieve their strategic vision.

For any nonprofit organization to be successful, there must be a great partnership between the CEO and the board. They must have a relationship built on mutual trust and respect, as well as open and honest communication. There must be a shared sense of accountability and responsibility to the organization and its stakeholders. And the CEO and board must be strategically aligned toward a mutual understanding of the organization’s mission and vision.

Key Roles and Responsibilities of a High Performing Nonprofit Board

  • Ensure that the organization’s CEO has the necessary transformational leadership competencies to lead the organization forward.
  • Develop a strong board committee structure, including a governance committee to evaluate the work of the board. After all, “Good boards evaluate their CEO, great boards evaluate themselves.
  • In collaboration with the CEO, ensure that the organization has an ambitious, credible, realistic, and measurable strategic vision to guide the organization forward.
  • Make sure that all aspects of the organization’s board, leadership, programs, services, marketing/communications, and fundraising are aligned with the strategic vision.
  • Actively participate with the CEO and Chief Development Officer in creating a positive culture of philanthropy. Remember, people give to success, not distress; and they give to those you serve, not your organizational needs.
  • Create a leadership succession plan for both board and executive leadership.

How to Manage and Improve Board Performance

If your nonprofit board needs support in any of the above areas of responsibilities, contact the team at DCM Associates. DCM offers dozens of online educational tools and courses for assessing and evaluating your board and executive leadership team’s performance compared to national best practices. We can help transform unmotivated and underperforming boardrooms into a successful and engaged asset to the organization. Contact us online for a preliminary phone call to discuss your nonprofit’s needs, then schedule a board assessment survey.