Strengthening Your Nonprofit Board

Strengthening Your Nonprofit Board

The success of your nonprofit organization depends largely upon the effectiveness of your nonprofit board. Building a strong board of directors is, therefore, essential for any nonprofit that wants to achieve its goals and make a meaningful impact. However, building a strong board is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort, knowledge, and dedication.

DCM’s team of national nonprofit board governance leadership experts can help you strengthen your board.

The following are some of the key areas of consultation we can offer:

  • Creating a CEO and Board Partnership – Learn how to become strategically aligned and focused on results and achieving your strategic vision
  • How to build a diverse board that reflects and values your community
  • Learn how to recruit new board members based on competencies and personal characteristics first, skills second
  • How to engage your board to create a successful culture of philanthropy
  • Address issues of board leadership succession
  • The board’s role in strategic planning
  • How to address difficult board behavior

The Importance of Nonprofit Board Leadership

A Guide to Creating a Highly Successful Nonprofit Board

Dennis C. Miller

Good boards evaluate the CEO’s performance; Great board evaluate themselves too.

My goal is to provide you with a proven roadmap to improve your board’s performance. The recommendations in this book are based on decades of nonprofit board governance experience. When implemented, these strategies will help lead your organization toward greater effectiveness and impact.

Please contact Dennis C. Miller, Founder & Chairman to schedule a free consultation to discuss the ways to strengthen your nonprofit board.