Executive Leadership & Board Governance Online Assessment Survey

The best way to ensure your organization is successfully serving your mission is to complete our Executive Leadership & Board Governance Online Assessment Survey. This online survey will identify how well your Executive Leadership team and Board members work together as true partners in both sustaining your mission and achieving your strategic vision.

High performing nonprofit organizations have Boards that have developed into providing leadership to the organization “in partnership” with the CEO and the executive leadership team. This unique survey will identify areas of strength as well as areas that may need improvement to be truly considered “partners” based upon nonprofit leadership and board governance best practices.
Following completion of our survey, we will submit to you our written recommendations for making any needed improvements to better serve your mission.

Dennis Miller and his team developed an extremely valuable assessment of our governing board at the Santa Fe Recovery Center. His perceptions and insights resulted in actional recommendations our board understood, embraced, and implemented. Those recommendations led to more effective oversight enabling us to become a more effective substance use disorder recovery organization. Furthermore, Allan Weisberg of DCM conducted 360 evaluations of both the board chair and CEO—one of the recommendations of Dennis’s assessment. These evaluations were comprehensive, they effectively collected the perspectives of the many people who participate in our organization’s success. Allan’s insights into the meaning of the 360 results enabled me as board chair to develop an improvement plan that’s paying great dividends.

Thomas Starke, Board Chair
Santa Fe Recovery Center

The DCM Executive Leadership & Board Governance Assessment Survey and their CEO Annual Performance Evaluation tools enabled our board and CEO to create a baseline evaluation of our current performances and helped us develop a specific plan of action going forward to ensure the sustainability of our mission. I highly recommend them.

Robert Kley, Chair of the Board
Monarch Housing Associates

What distinguishes our DCM Associates Executive Leadership & Board Governance Assessment Survey from all others in the marketplace is the following:

  • We combine both the Executive Leadership and Board Governance Assessment Survey into one to encourage the need for collaboration between the CEO, the executive leadership team, and the Board of Trustees. Most board assessment surveys only evaluate the Board. To serve your organization’s mission most effectively, the Board and the Executive Leadership team need to work together as partners, not as us and them.
  • We provide specific written recommendations in our final report to help you identify ways to address areas needed for improvement. Most board assessment surveys provide you with a score on some point scale and compare you to other organizations point scores who took their assessment. What do you know about these other organizations for comparison? Do they practice best leadership and board governance practices? How effective are the organizations you are being compared to? Our assessment provides you with the knowledge and know how to enable your organization to learn and adopt best executive leadership and board governance practices.
  • We provide an optional assessment survey called the DCM Associates 360 Leadership Development System which is a comprehensive and non-threatening assessment that allows a CEO and/or Board Chair to understand how others perceive her/his performance as a leader. Colleagues provide their assessment anonymously, resulting in open and honest feedback that the leader can use to build a plan for improvement. By participating in this process, the executive and board leader has conveyed to their team members that they are willing to consider their input and apply that information to become a more effective leader. Listening and acting upon the input of their coworkers and colleagues is a vital characteristic of a high-performing executive and board leader. This system is meant to encourage forward-thinking leadership while providing information for a clear, actionable plan for improvement.

The following are the three stages of our DCM Associates Executive Leadership & Board Governance Online Assessment Survey Process:

  1. Completion of our Online Assessment Survey by all members of the Board and Executive Leadership team. All direct reports of the CEO are defined as members of the Executive Leadership team.
  2. Upon receipt of the Online Assessment Survey results for your organization, we will schedule a confidential conference call with your CEO and Board Chair to review the results, answer any questions and make any last-minute changes.
  3. DCM Associates will submit to your organization within 15 working days following the conference call with your CEO and Board Chair an Executive Summary Report of your responses, findings, and recommendations to make any improvements based upon best practices.

Our final report will include a comprehensive review and recommendations on the following topics:

  • Mission, Vision, Values and Culture
  • Strategic Goals
  • Board and CEO Partnership
  • Executive Leadership
  • Board Governance
  • Impactful Programs and Services
  • Positive Brand Identity
  • Philanthropy

Please contact Dr. Terrence Cahill to schedule a conference call to answer any of your questions.