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Invest In Your Nonprofit Board Members And Executive Leadership Team’s Success

Who Will Benefit From These Courses:

Board members, CEO’s and leadership and management teams of all tax-exempt organizations, including:

  • Nonprofit organizations, including human and social services, education, healthcare, environment, arts & cultures, faith-based and other social mission driven organizations
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Business and Professional trade associations
  • Foundations
  • Chambers of Commerce

Most nonprofit organizations have great causes and powerful missions that are being advanced through the efforts of dedicated professionals, board members, donors and volunteers. Everyone has high hopes and dreams for their organization and is very proud to be associated with it.

Yet far too many still struggle to achieve the level of excellence their mission requires.

One of the key responsibilities of every nonprofit CEO is to engage and motivate their board and leadership team to be passionate about serving their mission and achieving their strategic vision.

As the CEO or Board Chair, you may ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do I engage and motivate my board to be more passionate about our mission?
  • How can I enable my board to gain more self-confidence to more actively participate in our philanthropic initiatives?
  • How do I recruit and develop new board members who can assist me in achieving our strategic vision?
  • How do I develop my leadership team to learn the new competencies needed to achieve our strategic goals?
  • How do I develop an organizational wide leadership succession plan to develop the future leaders of our organization?

These two new online courses will enable your board members and leadership team to learn the skills, competencies and self-confidence required to become a high performing nonprofit organization with the ultimate beneficiary being those you serve.

You can enjoy our online courses at your convenience from home, your office, computer, tablet, or mobile device.

To maximize the benefits these courses, make sure that at every Board and Leadership team meeting, a specific topic from each module is scheduled for discussion and debate throughout the term of your six-month subscription license.

How to Become a High Performing Nonprofit Board

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How to Become a High Performing Nonprofit Executive Leadership Team: Module 6

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