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Board & Leadership Coaching

Find Organizational Success with Our Board & Leadership Coaching Consulting Services

Board and CEO Performance Coaching

Members of the DCM Team provide nonprofit leadership & board performance coaching through a series of confidential conversations that are designed and conducted to enhance the leader’s well-being or performance. It is a process designed to facilitate thinking or learning new behavior for personal growth or professional advancement. Performance coaching can be very beneficial to those who would like to improve their leadership results to benefit their organization.

DCM team’s extensive experience as chief executive officers, chief human resource officers, and board chairs allows them to relate to others because they have been in your shoes. DCM believes coaching requires both parties to enter into the relationship willingly with clear expectations and agreements on how the process will work. It is a relationship, or partnership, that allows anything to be asked, said or considered. The ability to trust the “coach” is a crucial requirement of the relationship as well as the ability to listen and hear what the coach has to say without getting defensive.
Clients of DCM’s nonprofit leadership & board governance performance coaching state the following benefits:

  • Increased confidence and ability to be a more effective leader
  • Enhanced performance as CEO, board chair or entire leadership team
  • Ability to constructively confront the tough issues and decisions making
  • New insights and self-awareness into their behavior
  • Ability to develop their own solutions rather than have them externally imposed
  • A roadmap for personal growth

Stephen N. Lawrence, PhD, MPA
Chair, Council on Trustees
Bonnie Brae

Bonnie Holmes
President, Board of Trustees
NewBridge Services, Inc.

Tom Weatherall
President + CEO
Make-A-Wish Foundation of NJ

Xiomara Guevara
Executive Director
Morris County Organization for Hispanic Affairs

“We engaged Dennis Miller to facilitate a comprehensive board governance training. The content was informative and delivered in a conversational way that engaged all participants. As a board we decided to implement several items that Dennis touched on such as having a strategic question to discuss at each meeting and developing a board matrix. I highly recommend Dennis for board training. He helped me and other members understand the role we play on the board and created a renewed enthusiasm and commitment.”

Darlene Blandina, Chairperson

“With a surgeon’s precision Dennis was able to immediately diagnose many of our board governance problems. Because of his insight we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and for once it is not a train!”

Edmond Brown, President, Board of Directors
The Arc of Somerset County

“Dennis helped our organization rally around a strategic vision. He was timely, professional, and generated extremely helpful work product in addition to delivering his message in an engaging presentation to our board. Dennis speaks with the benefit of a tremendous depth of experience, which also allows him to identify feasible goals for an organization and motivate its members to believe that those goals are within reach. Dennis was just the jolt our organization needed to look toward next-level growth.”

Alexander J. Nassar, Esq. Board Chair
United Communities of Philadelphia

“The Embrace Kids Foundation is a New Brunswick based charity supporting the non-medical needs of families and children with cancer. Our organization has grown considerably over the past 14 years, however, we wanted to take the organization to the “next level” and found ourselves lacking a long-term vision. We engaged Dennis Miller to help us focus on developing a long-term vision. He was able to organize our Board and keep them on track as we went through the strategic thinking process. We now have a set long-term vision and we are working on the implementation plan. I don’t think we could have achieved this goal within the time frame we did and with the consensus we developed of the board without Dennis’ involvement.”

Robert A. Brown, President, Board of Trustees
Embrace Kids Foundation

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Board and Organizational Assessments

Dennis has helped numerous nonprofit organizations unlock their true potential and successfully move forward to achieve their strategic vision and goals. Just as it is important for every organization to know their strengths, it is vitally important to learn what areas of board governance, organizational and leadership development that might need some improvement based on best practices. Dennis’ experience and insights can provide your organization with a comprehensive assessment to identify these areas of potential improvements.

To conduct a comprehensive assessment, Dennis will review key organizational information such as bylaws, financial statements, board minutes, annual community reports, etc. and conduct confidential interviews with board members, leadership team and other key stakeholders as requested. The findings of strengths and areas of needed improvement from the assessment will be presented in a written report and discussed at a special board meeting or retreat. The comprehensive assessment report will include specific recommendations on how to address any key areas of needed improvement to allow your organization to become a more stronger and successful organization.

Your assessment report will address the following areas:

  • Vision and mission statements
  • Board governance practices
  • Leadership development
  • Organizational capacity
  • Programs and Services impact
  • Positive brand identity
  • Fundraising and Development

“My Board had heard it all before and knew what had to happen but, didn’t know how to make it happen. Dennis assessed our organization, conducted meaningful interviews with key individuals and made recommendations that we could begin implementing immediately. His strategic retreat facilitation inspired and engaged every member of our board to recommit to our vision and work towards achieving it with confidence.”

Kathy Goldstein, Chairperson, Board of Trustees
CPC Behavior Healthcare, Inc.

“We engaged Dennis at a time when our board was dealing with some very challenging governance issues. Dennis interviewed all members of our board and made immediate suggestions for improving the work of our board. It became immediately evident that Dennis was a major asset to myself as board chair and our chief executive officer both as a good listener but as a trusted expert board and leadership coach. Dennis also worked very closely with our CEO and her leadership team to facilitate the development of a comprehensive strategic plan that provides our growing organization a roadmap forward to ensure that we achieve our future strategic goals. Dennis is someone you can always count on.”

Tom Johnson, Board Chair
Wordsworth Academy, Philadelphia, PA

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