360 Leadership Development & Assessment

The DCM Leadership MX Assessment

Our DCM Leadership MX Assessment is structured to allow you to identify and retain the highest quality talent for management and leadership roles at your nonprofit organization or professional trade association. The DCM Leadership MX Assessment measures a candidate’s behavioral traits, cognitive abilities, and professional interests. This assessment is helpful when considering upper-level leadership openings and promotions.

Leadership Assessment and Development

Our DCM Leadership MX Assessment provides information which reflects the responses provided by the prospective executive leadership candidate or a current team member when completing the assessment. The report will also provide the organization with the individual’s abilities and personality traits and how they are likely to interact with other members of the team.

This information will be valuable when considering this individual for the position or for identifying the individual for professional development by demonstrating how well they fit the job. This is accomplished by comparing their results to a Success Pattern, which defines the requirements of the position by identifying the characteristics that will yield success in the position.

The purchase of our DCM Leadership MX Assessment includes personalized debrief and the formulation of a personalized leadership development plan.

The DCM Leadership MX Assessment features the TalassureMX which measures core leadership traits, like:

  • Reasoning ability
  • Manageability
  • Competitiveness
  • People Contact
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Attitude
  • Take Charge

In addition, a comparative GAP analysis via a customized Job Matching process is provided for personalized development recommendations that are specific to current or future leadership roles.

Awareness of one’s attributes can be invaluable information when leveraging talent and promoting engagement within the workforce.

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The DCM Associates 360 Leadership Development System

The DCM Associates 360 Leadership Development System is a non-threatening way to identify performance perceptions as viewed by certain groups of individuals who know and have had the opportunity to observe the leader in the work setting. Feedback to the leader is given openly and honestly. Remember, perception is reality. This is accomplished by rating the performance of 62 Leadership Behaviors presented as survey items. The responses are compiled from different observers such as: Self, Boss, Direct Reports, and Peers

Enhancing toorrow's leaders through today's efforts

By participating in this process, the individual has conveyed to their team members that they are willing to consider their input and apply that information to become a more effective leader. Listening and acting upon the input of their coworkers is a vital characteristic of a high-performing leader. This system is meant to encourage forward-thinking leadership while providing information for a clear, actionable plan for improvement.

The purchase of our DCM Associates 360 Leadership Development System includes a personalized debrief of the results for each team member you purchase the assessment for.

The Leadership Behaviors are used to measure 17 Skills that yield success in most leadership and management positions. These Skill Sets are grouped into 7 Leadership Competencies for an overall measurement of performance. Managers that generally score higher on these competencies are typically identified as more effective and successful leaders.

The Leadership Competencies

Listens carefully, summarizes, and verifies. Expresses themselves clearly and considers pros and cons in reaching decisions.

Works to build rapport and consensus while collaborating with a team. Promotes team synergy while facilitating team success.

Works to engage employees through recognition and addressing the needs of the workforce.

Displays confidence and effectiveness when taking initiative and works independently.

Exercises sound judgement and seeks input for alternatives. Demonstrates effective decision-making ability.

Builds a solid foundation for trust in leading by example. Clearly defines expectations in charting a course for success. Delegates and empowers appropriately.

Pursues work focusing on results, setting realistic goals. Establishes clear expectations.

The insights gained from the 360 Leadership Development System is to promote professional competencies, career growth and enable the leader to become more effective, efficient, and valuable to the organization.

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