Retreat Facilitation

Nonprofit Executive & Board Retreat Facilitation

Board retreats are an excellent opportunity to think about the future of your organization, establish new goals and develop desired standards of performance, and develop team leadership skills.
DCM has a team of experienced retreat facilitators who can provide your organization with an opportunity to explore a new strategic vision, confront new challenges and opportunities and serve to revitalize your entire organization.

DCM’s experienced retreat facilitators will provide the following benefits for your executive and board retreat:

  • Input from key internal and external stakeholders will be solicited prior to the retreat
  • In conjunction with the CEO and board chair, Dennis will develop an agenda with two to three specific goals or outcomes
  • Set approximate timelines for each topic to be covered
  • Make sure that all members of the board and executive team are called upon to express their ideas and suggestions
  • Build consensus on all key issues discussed and create key action steps
  • Provide a retreat summary for all participants

J. Anthony Manger, JD.
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Montgomery Academy

Manual Guantez, Psy.D., LCADC
Vice President, NJAMHAA, New Jersey
Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies

Paula Barber
Jewish Community Housing Corporation

Dennis Miller facilitated our board retreat, and he did a wonderful job. Specifically, he helped our board members see the broader needs of the organization, examine how their specific skill sets can best benefit our mission, and created renewed enthusiasm and commitment for their service. He helped us to hone in on our vision and lighted the pathway to achieve it.

Tracey Wilson Heisler, MA, Executive Director
CASA of Somerset, Hunterdon, and Warren

We are deeply in Dennis’ debt for facilitating a highly successful retreat this weekend. Dennis listened to our concerns, embraced our goals, and skillfully built a consensus for them among our quite disparate board, all while living within our tight budget. He engaged the entire board, and let them express their thoughts but without allowing any of them to dominate or take us on tangents. Dennis kept everyone thinking, but also smiling. He is a true professional.

Chuck Freyer, Chairman
Princeton Interns in Civic Service, Princeton University

Thank you for being such a fabulous, motivational speaker for our annual Board Retreat. Your organization was impeccable, your insights were right on target, and your presence was absorbing. To put it another way, the day, thanks to you, exceeded my expectations and clearly made a positive impact on the entire Board.

Elaine I. Grobman, Executive Director
Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Philadelphia Affiliate

My Board had heard it all before and knew what had to happen but, didn’t know how to make it happen. Dennis assessed our organization, conducted meaningful interviews with key individuals and made recommendations that we could begin implementing immediately. His strategic retreat facilitation inspired and engaged every member of our board to recommit to our vision and work towards achieving it with confidence.

Kathy Goldstein, Chairperson, Board of Trustees

CPC Behavior Healthcare, Inc.

Please contact Dr. Terrence Cahill to schedule a conference call to answer any of your questions or to schedule retreat facilitation.