Chief Branding Officer (CBO): A Core Competency for Today’s Nonprofit Leaders

The chief executive is the face of the organization.  Though sometimes the board chair takes on this role, it is more and more the need of the executive director to be the chief communicator, proudly letting everyone know of your achievements and results.   Questions to ask:


  • When was the last time as executive director or as a board member that you discussed your recent achievements?
  • How do you communicate to your staff and board about your achievements?
  • How does the community that you serve know about your successes?
  • How do your donors and prospective donors know about your achievements?


The reality today is that the funders or investors are more interested in your achievements, outcomes and positive results.  They want a return on their investment.  Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn!  Organizations that effectively communicate their successes are often highly successful in fundraising.  This is not a coincidence.