Board Reappointment: Are you assessing performance?

The other side of board recruitment is board reappointment.  Highly performing boards have clearly defined and articulated expectations of their individual board members.  Prior to being reappointed to another term on the board, the Governance Committee should ask each member to submit a self-evaluation.  Criteria for reappointment may consist of, but not be limited to, attending a minimum number of board meetings, active participation on board committees, attendance at special events, an annual financial contribution and good ambassadorship in the community.

Here are some questions to ask yourselves:

  • Does your board have an ideal recruitment matrix?
  • What are your recruitment priorities?
  • Does your board have written reappointment criteria?
  • Has your board ever not reappointed someone based on poor performance?
  •  How does your Board ensure leadership succession?