The Nonprofit Fundraising Dilemma: How to Stop Repeating Failed Strategies

New Jersey Business & Industry Association

Every nonprofit organization relies upon the philanthropic support of others to support their mission. Yet, despite of all the knowledge about fundraising, most organizations struggle to raise money. This webinar will inspire and motivate you to learn a completely different approach to create a real culture of philanthropy. Attendees will learn why people REALLY give money, the difference between the “tin-cup” versus “investment” theory of fundraising, and how to successfully engage your board and CEO to develop a Tri-Partnership with the Chief Development Officer.

When all three parties of the tri-partnership of philanthropy are encouraged and motivated to create an organizational culture of success, the fear of asking for money will be replaced with a passion and commitment to ask donors to invest in your success. Your nonprofit fundraising dilemma will be replaced with a powerful culture of philanthropy for years to come.

Dennis C. Miller