Nonprofit Opportunities for Leaders: Promote from Within

Seeing Nonprofit Opportunities for New Leadership Within Your Own Organization

When the need for a new leader comes, many think, “Where will I find a new executive?” Well, the answer may be within your own organization. Nonprofits are full of great team members who may already have the skills and competencies needed to lead. As experts in nonprofit leadership, here are our best tips on seeing nonprofit opportunities for new leadership within your organization.

Benefits of Promoting Within Your Organization

  1. Employees already know and are passionate about the organization
  2. Employees are familiar with how to achieve the vision and mission
  3. Employees have first-hand knowledge of potential issues and solutions

How to Promote an Employee to a Leadership Position

If you’re considering an employee for a leadership position, you must determine how well they will fit the job by identifying the characteristics that will yield success in the position. If those characteristics align with the employee’s leadership skills and competencies, then there is a greater chance for success.

Before drawing up a pros and cons list, consider the DCM Leadership Assessment. This tool is structured to help identify the highest quality talent for management and leadership roles at your nonprofit organization. It measures a candidate’s behavioral traits, cognitive abilities, and professional interests.

More About the DCM Leadership Assessment

The DCM Leadership Assessment is extremely unique, as it goes beyond traditional leadership surveys by providing personalized testing and reporting. Our report will provide the organization with the employee’s leadership abilities and personality traits, including:

  • Reasoning Ability
  • Manageability
  • Competitiveness
  • People Contact
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Attitude
  • Take Charge

The information revealed by the assessment will be valuable when considering the employee for a leadership position. We compare their results of the assessment to a Success Pattern, which defines the requirements of the position. We then share our findings with the organization through a personalized debrief and the formulation of a leadership development plan.

Additional Nonprofit Opportunities from DCM Associates

Our firm offers many nonprofit opportunities to find leadership outside or within your organization. We can perform an executive search to help find the perfect leader for your organization or complete an assessment of current employees that may be fit for a leadership role. We also provide ongoing support, such as onboarding, training, coaching, and professional development.

To learn more about how DCM Associates can help your nonprofit, contact us online.

Dennis C. Miller