4 Trends for Nonprofit Businesses in 2021

Already Seen 2021 Trends for Nonprofit Businesses

We are already seeing trends for nonprofit businesses a few months into 2021. As a leader, it’s crucial to stay on top of emerging trends to better your team and organizational mission. Ask yourself, “How many new practices has my nonprofit already implemented?”

To continue thriving as a business, here’s how to stay one step ahead of the curve.

1. Virtual Practices Continue to Remain the Norm

Like dozens of other industries, the nonprofit sector has gone virtual. While this isn’t a new trend, as we saw this shift early last year, it is sticking around for the long-term. Continued virtual practices, like work from home, Zoom conferences, and online onboarding, are expected to stay in 2021. Further, in-person networking has significantly diminished.

2. Leadership Changes Result in Search Needs

Also as a result of the pandemic, many nonprofits are facing leadership changes. To make it more challenging, this process is now done entirely virtual. While leadership search services were always used in the nonprofit sector, there has been an increase over the last year. A professional search team can help navigate interviewing and onboarding virtually.

3. Leadership Succession Plans Are a Must

As 2020 saw a significant leadership turnover, nonprofits are preparing themselves with a leadership succession plan this year. This ensures that when transitions are necessary, leaders are ready to act, and the organization’s mission doesn’t have to suffer. A successful plan will:

  • Proactively identify and develop new leaders within an organization
  • Identify the competencies and skills leaders will need to be successful
  • Create a professional leadership development plan for the entire organization

4. Nonprofits Are Becoming Proactive

As nonprofits finalized their 2021 strategy late last year, many are becoming proactive instead of reactive. This means offering executive leaders and board members the right tools to be successful as individuals and for the organization. For example, nonprofits are investing in online assessment surveysonline courses, and leadership coaching to better achieve their strategic mission.

Stay on Top of Trends with DCM Associates

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