07 Feb 2017

The New Leadership Skills Sought by Today’s Nonprofit Boards

Whether the board is seeking to replace a retiring executive director or requesting a search for a new CEO to move their organization to greater levels of success, the leadership skills they are seeking are much different than those of traditional nonprofit leaders. As an executive search consultant for the nonprofit sector, boards are seeking … Continue reading →The New Leadership Skills Sought by Today’s Nonprofit Boards
30 Jan 2017

It’s Time to Repeal and Replace the Political Ignorance of Healthcare Reform

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law in 2010 by former President Obama after the Democratic party passed the law along party lines with not one Republican vote in Congress. This historic legislation, a top priority of President Obama’s first term, enabled twenty million more Americans to be covered by healthcare insurance. Even those individuals who had a pre-existing medical condition would now be covered under the ACA. The private insurance market in some states, like California, could no longer deny coverage because of previous medical history. To gain the support of the private health insurance companies, the ACA promised millions of additional new enrollees to spread the financial risk. This “mandate” to purchase health insurance came with a ...
16 Nov 2015

Going Beyond Strategic Planning

Does Your Board Need To Be Revitalized? According to Webster, to revitalize means to renew, refresh, reinvigorate, revive, rejuvenate, refreshen, recharge, recreate, restore or repair. Benefits of a Revitalized Board: Strategically aligned with leadership to achieve your vision and goals Actively engaged in philanthropy with self-confidence Engaged, energized and motivated High levels of success with … Continue reading →Going Beyond Strategic Planning
03 Feb 2015

Creating an Inspiring Vision

Creating an Inspiring Vision:  What is the strategic plan to achieve it? Have your ever embarked on a strategic planning process with high hopes and excitement, but end up being disappointed with the results? Did your plan eventually end up on a shelf collecting dust with little achieved? Sometimes in life, the simplest things can … Continue reading →Creating an Inspiring Vision
07 Jan 2015

Collaborations and Mergers: What is the best strategic choice for your organization?

One of the key questions for nonprofit leadership to answer is “Do we need to always go it alone or can we collaborate or merge with another organization to enable our programs and services to become more effective with greater positive outcomes?” Collaboration is a key strategy for program effectiveness and funders are often keen … Continue reading →Collaborations and Mergers: What is the best strategic choice for your organization?
18 Dec 2014

Replacing Your Board Chair Doesn’t Have To Be A Struggle

Identifying the board chair-elect (or board president) is a well-established process for many nonprofits. The board chair-elect is usually chosen at the same time as the board chair. While the chair is leading the board’s work, the chair-elect is learning “on the job” about how to ensure that the work is appropriately carried out. However, … Continue reading →Replacing Your Board Chair Doesn’t Have To Be A Struggle
17 Dec 2014

Today’s Nonprofit Boards Seek Transformational Executive Leadership

Today, more and more nonprofit boards are seeking a chief executive with transformational leadership styles. In the past, nonprofit boards often placed a strong emphasis on recruiting chief executives who were passionate about the mission, experienced with grant writing, program development, possessed good management and community relationship skills. Though these skills remain important, they are … Continue reading →Today’s Nonprofit Boards Seek Transformational Executive Leadership
09 Dec 2014

Communicating Your 2014 Achievements

Communicating Your 2014 Achievements: Why This Matters for 2015 When was the last time you examined your achievements AND communicated them in a compelling way to your stakeholders? Throughout 2014, your organization has made a difference in the lives of those you serve. Be proud of your achievements. Can you and your board members answer … Continue reading →Communicating Your 2014 Achievements
31 Oct 2014

How And When To Fire A Board Member

Board members are a tremendous asset for most nonprofit organizations, providing needed expertise, as well as the necessary leadership in furthering the mission and success of the organization. However, occasionally an individual board member can become destructive to the organization. This destruction or “disruptive” behavior can become a negative force to the workings of the … Continue reading →How And When To Fire A Board Member
16 Oct 2014

Find the Courage to Address Your Internal Challenges

I believe the overwhelming reason most nonprofit organizations fail is the result of not adequately addressing their internal issues. Internal obstacles often include: Lack of trust and respect among senior leadership Stale programs Lack of engaged Board members, some who have stayed far too long Lack of inspirational vision Do you feel you could benefit … Continue reading →Find the Courage to Address Your Internal Challenges