Evaluating a CEO & Board: Nonprofit Leadership Assessment

Evaluating a CEO & Nonprofit Board Through Performance Evaluations

As the primary decision-maker of an organization, the CEO has a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. They are tasked with ensuring that the nonprofit organization meets its goals and objectives while setting the tone for the entire organization. CEOs are expected to be leaders, motivators, strategic thinkers, and effective communicators—because of these high expectations, they must receive regular feedback on their performance.

DCM Associates’ Annual CEO Performance Evaluation is an essential tool for evaluating a CEO. This vital tool provides nonprofit CEOs with feedback on their obligations and responsibility performance and includes a Self Evaluation Survey. By providing regular feedback, CEOs can be assured that they are on track to meeting the organization’s goals. Our tool also allows the CEO to perform a self-evaluation too.

How DCM Associates’ Annual CEO Performance Evaluation Works

At DCM Associates, we understand the importance of this evaluation and are dedicated to helping our clients ensure that their CEOs receive the feedback they need to succeed. The survey should be completed by the Executive and all members of the Board. Once the survey is completed, DCM Associates will review the findings and schedule a confidential call with your CEO and Board Chair to discuss the findings. After the call, you will receive a copy of the report for your records. We take the hassle out of putting together the evaluation, so all you have to do is participate.

The Value of Conducting a CEO Performance Evaluation

Identify & Reward Performance

An annual performance evaluation of the CEO is an excellent way to identify and reward the CEO for their performance. This also communicates critical areas of needed improvement to guide the organization forward successfully.

Board Participation & Teamwork

All members of the Board should participate and be encouraged to provide their input into the CEO’s annual performance evaluation. This is a significant responsibility and an excellent opportunity for Board Members to work together and collaborate.

Future Planning

This survey will help nonprofits identify and establish organizational goals for the coming year’s executive evaluation and help your organization continue to move forward in a positive direction.

Choose DCM Associates

DCM Associates is committed to helping our clients navigate these tricky waters and emerge stronger on the other side. Our team of experts has the experience and knowledge to help your organization through this process. Visit our website, or contact us today to get started.

Dennis C. Miller