Executive Leadership Team Member Annual Performance Evaluation

The Importance of DCM Associates Annual Executive Leadership Team Member Performance Evaluation

The goal of the annual Executive Leadership Team Member performance review is to recognize how well the executive is performing in their job and to identify any needed improvements. This review should clearly be based upon the agreed organization’s goals and performance expectations set by the CEO to the actual achievements of the organization and the Executive Leader. For purposes of our evaluation surveys, we consider anyone reporting directly to the CEO of a nonprofit organization as an Executive Leadership team member.

The annual Executive Leadership evaluation process is also a great time for the Executive Leadership team member to first conduct a self-evaluation to document what they feel have been their key achievements and successes of the past year.

The Executive Leadership Team Member Annual Performance Review Product includes the Self-Evaluation survey form too.

Annual reviews of the Executive Leadership Team Member’s performance are an excellent way to identify and reward their performance as well as communicate key areas of needed improvement to successfully guide the organization forward.

This review should also identify and include the establishment of organizational goals for the coming year’s executive evaluation. It is vitally important for both the CEO and Executive Leadership Officer to discuss and agree on these new goals.

We highly recommend that the CEO of every nonprofit organization conduct this annual performance review of their executive team members each year. In addition, we recommend that the CEO include our DCM 360 Leadership Development System to include feedback from the Executive Leadership Officer’s direct reports on their perspective on his/her performance to enable the CEO to have a better understanding of the Executive Leader’s relationship with the organization and his/her leadership team.

The DCM Associates Executive Leadership Team Member’s Performance Evaluation includes the following topics for assessing the annual review by the CEO:

  • Overall Organizational Performance
  • Strategic Leadership
  • CEO Relations
  • Team Building Relationships
  • Positive Brand Identity
  • Communications
  • Culture of Philanthropy

In addition, after each major section of the Executive Leadership Officer’s Annual Performance Evaluation, their CEO is encouraged to write down any additional comments they feel would be helpful in assessing the Executive Leadership Officer’s performance. For example, their CEO member might want to elaborate further on either a strength or area of needed improvement to be included in the final report.

We strongly recommend that the CEO schedule with their respective executive team members ample time to review the findings in the DCM Associates Executive Leadership Officer’s Annual Evaluation report and start the conversation by highlighting what the executive has done well before discussing any areas of needed improvement.

Executive Leadership Team Member Annual Performance Evaluation

(Group Evaluation – Evaluate up to 6 Executives)

Executive Leadership Team Member Annual Performance Evaluation

(Individual Evaluation – Evaluate 1 Executive)

DCM recommends including our 360 Leadership Development for each individual performance evaluation up to 15 colleagues and peers feedback for each executive.

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