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The Nonprofit Leadership Dilemma: How to Identify and Develop New Leaders for Tomorrow’s Leadership Challenges

9/23/20 at 11:30am

New Jersey Business & Industry Association

It is vitally important to identify the key strategic goals you face, identify the competencies and skills needed to address them, and identify mentors and coaches within your organization to develop your emerging leaders for tomorrow. It is also important for your current leaders to learn new competencies as well.

This motivational and educational webinar will enable you to learn:

  • How to proactively identify and develop new leaders within your organization
  • How to identify the competencies and skills that they will need to be successful
  • How to create a professional leadership development plan for your entire organization

Attendees will learn Dennis’ 5 step process to developing the new leaders your organization will need for today and tomorrow to ensure the sustainability of your mission.

Dennis C. Miller