Increasing Your Leadership Potential for Today’s Nonprofit Organizations

What is it that makes a winning organization so effective? It’s not the bricks and mortar.

It’s the internal people : staff, managers, leaders, volunteers and Board who make the organization a winner. To achieve new heights, an effective leader must know how to build strong relationships with people.

Those organizations whose leaders are able to bring out the best in others; whose leaders are able to make people feel important; whose leaders make people feel that their voices, concerns, and actions do matter are the organizations that will be successful.

The organizations whose leaders have the trust of their employees, whose leaders are respected and have credibility, perform better than organizations whose leaders lack these qualities.

Ask yourself:
What are the most effective organizations you know?
How would you describe the relationship those organizations’ leaders have with their stakeholders?
How would members of your team describe the relationship they have with you?

I recently held a webinar where we addressed all of these issues in detail. You can access a free replay here: