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How to Become a High Performing Nonprofit Board

This course is intended for you, the millions of men and women who voluntarily serve on a nonprofit board, regardless of your specific mission or purpose, who are committed to making a positive social impact in the communities you serve, whether locally, nationally or globally.

My goal with this course is to provide you with information and proven strategies on a wide range of board governance topics to allow you and your board to improve your board’s performance resulting in a greater positive impact on those you serve. Not only do high performing boards make a greater positive impact in their community, their board members also enjoy their service on their boards at a far greater rate as well.

In this course, there are 6 modules centered around the following topics:

  • The Life Cycles of Board Governance, The Characteristics and Obstacles of Being a High Performing Nonprofit Board
  • The Role and Characteristics of the Board Chair and Board Leadership Succession
  • The CEO and Board Relationship, Executive Leadership Competencies and CEO Performance Evaluations
  • The Board’s Role in Achieving Your Strategic Vision
  • The Board’s Role in Philanthropy
  • Evaluating the Board’s Committee Structures, Recruitment and Reappointment, Dealing with Difficult Board Behavior and Assessing the Board’s Annual Performance

Purchasing this course gives board members access to the course material for 1 year from date of purchase.

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Up to 25 board members (1 year access), Up to 18 board members (1 year access), Up to 10 board members (1 year access), Single board member (1 year access)

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