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Cultivating Courage to Lead

Cultivating Courage to Lead A strong sense of leadership, just like any talent, takes practice. Leaders are not simply born into a position of power and expected to instill wonder within their followers. Every successful leader must continually work on …


Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Nonprofit CEO Search

Few things strike more fear in the hearts of nonprofit boards than the resignation of a trusted chief executive. In fact, the entire organization will likely experience some form of anxiety at the announcement. In a perfect world, every outgoing nonprofit CEO has the time, foresight, and resources to ensure that there are layers of institutional knowledge and skill to hold operations steady until their replacement is on board. As we all know, and many of us have experienced firsthand, this is not always the case. Communal anxiety can quickly descend into an all-out panic attack.


The Leader’s Role in Strategic Aligning Your Organization

I have worked for three decades in the nonprofit sector and have been extremely fortunate to work with many great people and organizations to help facilitate their strategic planning & management plans. When I think of all the dedicated CEO’s, board members, corporate and foundation officers, and other nonprofit professionals that I have known and worked with over the years, I appreciate how blessed I have been to associate with such great people. Individually and collectively, they have had a very positive impact on me.


The CEO’s leadership role in optimizing emotional well-being in employees

Executive leadership requires multifaceted capacity. Corporate leaders are responsible for every aspect of their organization, including strategic vision, finance and accounting, marketing and sales, operations, law, ethics and more. The smart ones know to surround themselves with experts who can complement their own knowledge so that the organization is strong on every front.

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