Planning a 2024 Nonprofit Board Retreat? [Must-Read]

Nonprofit Board Retreat Planning: Agendas, Activities, & Facilitators

Too many nonprofits struggle to keep their board engaged, motivated, and passionate. Between outside commitments and full-time obligations, board members are busy. To re-engage and re-focus your board members, consider holding a retreat. A nonprofit board retreat is the perfect way to get members to mingle with each other, create a sense of community, and be reminded of why they serve the organization.

How to Plan for a Nonprofit Board Retreat

Deciding to hold a board retreat is exciting—but take your time with the planning. It’s crucial that the majority, if not all, members can attend, so be sure to plan months in advance. It’s also important to host the retreat at a location all members can travel to. Lastly, consider the length of the retreat; will it be a few hours, one afternoon, or an all-day event?

Nonprofit Board Retreat Agenda & Activities

Beyond the logistics of when, where, and for how long, think about what will occur during the retreat. Here are some key areas to cover during your board retreat:

  • Organizational Review: Board members should be reminded of the organization’s vision and mission and their role is achieving success
  • Guest Speakers: Invite key internal and external stakeholders to speak at the retreat and provide their valuable insight
  • Engaging Activities: Icebreakers and leadership exercises are excellent to get your board members to participate in the retreat and get comfortable with one another
  • Collaborative Conversation: Set aside time for the board members and executive team to collaborate and share their ideas and suggestions
  • Take Action: Before the retreat is over, clear action steps and roles should be defined as well as a timeline with milestones on how to measure success

Does My Board Retreat Need a Facilitator?

A facilitator is a valuable tool to take advantage of when planning a nonprofit retreat. If you’re struggling to create an agenda, are unsure of how to engage members, or don’t know how to solidify action items, retreat facilitation may be right for you. Some facilitators help during planning, while others can attend the retreat as well.

Nonprofit Retreat Facilitation

If you’re thinking about planning a nonprofit retreat, consider facilitation services from DCM Associates. We can help your board by:

  • Thinking about the future of the organization
  • Establishing new goals
  • Engage and motivate your board and leaders
  • Developing desired standards of performance
  • Exploring a new strategic vision
  • Confronting evolving challenges and opportunities
  • Examining the skillsets of board members and executive leaders
  • Creating renewed enthusiasm and commitment

For help planning your retreat and to learn more about our facilitation services, schedule a call with us online.