Nonprofit Executive Job Search Strategy for Recruiting Talent

Use This Nonprofit Executive Job Search Strategy for Your Next Leadership Recruitment

Unfortunately, change in organizational executive leadership happens, whether that be because of a different opportunity, retirement, or another reason. Some circumstances are planned for while others occur on a whim, leaving a nonprofit with a short period of time to find a replacement. It’s crucial to always be prepared and have an executive job search strategy in place.

Many nonprofits rightfully dread having to put together a search committee, post on various job recruitment websites, review endless resumes, and interview lackluster candidates. We’re here to tell you there is a better and more efficient way to approach an executive search.

Best Executive Job Search Strategies

  • Reflect on Prior Leadership
  • Determine the Ideal Candidate
  • Decide Where You’ll Be Searching
  • Work with an Executive Search Firm

1. Reflect on Prior Leadership

Whether the person leaving was a CEO, COO, CFO, or another executive position, now is the perfect time to reflect on their leadership, responsibilities, and performance. How well did they perform in their role? What were their strengths and weaknesses? Did they actively help to achieve the organization’s mission and if so, how? This can help to determine the ideal candidate you’re looking for as a replacement.

2. Determine the Ideal Candidate

Now it’s time to determine the ideal candidate for the position. By comparing what your previous leader was lacking, you can know what to look for in a new leader. Consider:

  • Previous experience and leadership roles
  • Skills, certifications, training, and education
  • Relevant knowledge to your organization

3. Decide Where You’ll Be Searching

Once you know who you’re looking for, decide where and how you’ll be finding them. Will you be spending a lot of time on job recruitment websites or launching a digital advertisement campaign? While you can spend time chasing candidates, it’s better for them to come to your organization.

4. Work with an Executive Search Firm

An executive search firm can help tremendously with your recruitment efforts. They can help reflect on your prior leaders, determine your ideal candidate, and seek out qualified individuals to fill the role. A search firm will streamline the process by only presenting the best candidates for your search committee to interview—no more hassling with recruitment websites and resumes!

Use DCM Associates for Your Next Executive Search

DCM Associates is an incredibly experienced executive search firm. We work on searches for a wide variety of nonprofit sectors, including:

  • Behavioral healthcare
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Children and family social services
  • Foundations
  • Chamber of Commerce and professional trade associations
  • Faith-based institutions
  • Other community building organizations

To learn more about our 5-step approach to executive searches, contact us online.