Nonprofit Development Opportunities for Successful Leaders

Nonprofit Development Creates a Culture of Continual Learning

Nonprofit development is often summed up as building an organization’s fundraising, network, and a positive brand in the community. But how do nonprofits get to that point? That’s where the CEO’s commitment to create a culture of continual learning comes into play. Many nonprofits lack a culture of continual learning that allows all leaders in their organization to further their development skills and competencies.

At DCM Associates, we offer many leadership learning assessment and development opportunities to help leaders become stronger and successfully fulfill their roles.

Online Assessment Survey

How do you know if your leader is successfully achieving their development potential? Our Online DCM Leadership Assessment Survey will measure a candidate’s behavioral traits, cognitive abilities, and professional interests. After completing our assessment, we will provide you with our written recommendations to serve as the foundation for their full leadership development.

Our DCM 360 Leadership Development System is a non-threatening way to identify performance perceptions as viewed by certain groups of individuals who know and have had the opportunity to observe the leader in the work setting. Feedback to the leader is given openly and honestly. Remember, perception is reality. This is accomplished by rating the performance of 62 Leadership Behaviors presented as survey items. The responses are compiled from different observers such as: Self, Boss, Direct Reports, and Peers.

Executive Leadership Team Member Performance Evaluation

Whereas our Online Assessment and Development Surveys identify core leadership traits and team perceptions, our Executive Leadership Team Member Performance Evaluation Survey recognizes how well the executive is performing in their job and to identify any needed improvements. This review should clearly be based upon the agreed organization’s goals and performance expectations set by the CEO to the actual achievements of the organization and the Executive Leader.

Online Courses

What if you could learn some nonprofit executive leadership national best practices that could make it easier for you to lead your organization forward, would you be willing to take the challenge? Our How to Become a High Performing Nonprofit Executive Leadership Team© course provides a one-year license for up to 25 individuals to allow your leadership team with information and proven strategies on a wide range of executive leadership topics to allow you to improve your leadership team’s performance.

Consulting and Coaching

Becoming a visionary thinker with emotional intelligence and an entrepreneurial spirit are crucial to an organization’s success; however, today’s nonprofit leaders are constantly facing challenges and obstacles a leader must overcome. One aspect of our Board and Leadership Performance coaching service is guiding leaders to constructively confront tough issues and decisions making. Performance coaching can be highly beneficial to leaders who want to improve results within their organization.

Other Leadership Development Resources

DCM Associates is no stranger to the challenges and adversities nonprofit leaders face. Our resources are designed to help leaders successfully confront and overcome the challenges of their role. To learn more about how we can help your leadership development team, schedule a complimentary consultation.