Effective Leadership Team Development (Comprehensive Strategy)

4 Leadership Team Development Ideas for a Successful Organization

A nonprofit’s leadership team is the backbone of the organization’s mission. But how successful are they at sharing the vision and goals of the nonprofit as well as inspiring others? Having a comprehensive and proactive strategy for your leaders to follow is crucial for the success of your organization. Try these four leadership team development ideas to become a high-performing nonprofit.

1. Identify Specific Goals for Every Leadership Role

While your organization’s mission will remain the same, how different leadership roles carry out that mission will vary. It’s crucial to identify key strategic goals along with a comprehensive action plan that includes ways to achieve those goals. Every leader should bring a unique skill set, and their role should reflect their strengths.

2. Identify Leadership Strengths

Do your leaders know why they were chosen for their position? Be sure to assess each leader’s competencies, skills, experiences, and attributes that will lead them and the organization to success. If you’re stuck or unsure how to go about doing so, explore the DCM TalassureMX Leadership Assessment or the 360 Leadership Development System. After completion, DCM sends a detailed report outlining the leader’s core leadership traits and includes a personalized debrief and the formulation of a personalized leadership development plan for each member of your team.

3. Develop a Performance Review Program

A performance review can help identify top performances and benchmark success attributes. Recognizing success is an excellent way to motivate a leader to keep it up. This evaluation will also be able to identify weaknesses and areas of improvement. For example, if a benchmark was not met, it’s worthwhile to review what setbacks or challenges played a role in the incompletion.

4. Identify Mentors Among Your Leaders

While leaders may be good at leading others, can they teach aspiring managers? Better yet, can they engage outside members? Encourage these mentors to build a library of courses, online nonprofit leadership and board performance courses, books, articles, and conferences relevant to your organization and its success. In doing so, they’ll share their knowledge and leadership skills to inspire the next generation of leaders.

Are You Ready to Become a Successful Organization?

The sustainability of your mission, the lives you impact in your community, and the values you incorporate in the workplace depend on a successful leadership team development plan. However, do not feel you need to navigate this step on your own. DCM Associates is just a phone call away! We can help create a personalized development plan for your organization. Contact us for more information.