Creating an Inspiring Vision

Creating an Inspiring Vision:  What is the strategic plan to achieve it?

Have your ever embarked on a strategic planning process with high hopes and excitement, but end up being disappointed with the results? Did your plan eventually end up on a shelf collecting dust with little achieved?

Sometimes in life, the simplest things can be the most difficult.  This is often the case with creating your organization’s vision.

Vision answers:  “Where are you going?

One must answer this question before any effective strategic plan can proceed.  This is important because it sets the stage for leadership to chart a new direction or future view of the organization. A leader needs to articulate the vision and build a strategic plan to make the vision become a reality.

Based on my experience, your vision should:

  • Set standards of excellent
  • Inspire enthusiasm
  • Encourage commitment
  • Be well-articulated and easily understood
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