Create an Opportunity from a Crisis in 2020

There Can be Opportunity from a Crisis: Here’s How to Find It

2020 has been quite an eventful year when it comes to crises. As the world tries to adapt to the new normal brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we as members of nonprofits also have to learn to adjust to the current world climate. Although this can sound daunting, every crisis, while unsettling, brings the opportunity for growth.

Keep reading to learn how to find an opportunity from a crisis.

How Organizations Can Grow Through Crisis

  • Reset Expectations: As an organization, there are set expectations placed upon members and employees. But during times of crisis, there is a need to reevaluate those expectations. Leaders of organizations must be empathetic and understanding of the changes that may have to occur during times of uncertainty.
  • Rethink Your Strategic Plan: In times of crisis, it is important to reevaluate how your organization operates and perhaps time to determine if your current vision and mission statements need a bit of revitalization. To rethink your strategic plan, it is helpful to plan for post-crisis operations. Consider reprioritizing initiatives put in place prior to the crisis in order to maximize new opportunities.
  • Value Employee Feedback: Your employees should be valued during times of crisis since they are the foundation of your organization. Providing them the opportunity to voice their comments, concerns, and feedback is essential to maintaining strong team relationships that will work past any crisis your organization may face. Instituting leadership assessment and development plans including 360 performance evaluations should be a priority.

How Professionals Can Grow Through Crisis

  • Communicate Effectively: During a crisis, it’s crucial to maintain effective communication. As a professional, it is essential to learn how to communicate with your colleagues, especially during times of uncertainty. If communication is not something that comes easy to you, adopting new communication styles can help you advance your career and explore new passions. Now, more than ever, let your stakeholders know the positive impact your organization is having on those you serve.
  • Cultivate Relationships with your Team: Developing connections with your teammates provides a fantastic opportunity within your current organization’s career growth. During times of crisis, people lean on each other for support and encouragement. Therefore, making an effort to connect with your teammates can open the door to many career opportunities later on.
  • Remain Positive: Although remaining positive during times of crisis can be difficult or even impossible, it’s essential to stay positive in front of your colleagues. The way a professional handles daunting situations is very telling of their character. So, presenting yourself as calm, confident, and positive can help lead to potential career growth after pleasantly handling a change.

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