6 Benefits of Online Assessment Surveys

6 Advantages to Using Online Assessment Tools

The concept of online assessment conjures images of high-stakes testing in universities and state board certifications – things we find in higher education. However, assessments also give calculated advantages to organizations that want to learn what steps they can take to perform to their full potential.

Leveraging well-planned online assessment surveys is an excellent first step in remedying organizations that are not producing the results they want to achieve. These purposeful evaluations are in the toolkits of forward-thinking leadership. If you consider it a form of planning rather than testing, suddenly assessments become a little less scary and a lot more pragmatic.

A standardized method of auditing how your leadership is addressing progress is a good blueprint for positive change. An online assessment platform will provide reliable data that will lead to corrective action, restructuring, or re-evaluating the entire vision itself. Let’s take a look at the possible advantages of using online assessment tools in your nonprofit organization.

1. Proper Online Assessment Tools Identify Both Strengths ​and​ Weaknesses

When an organization is not achieving the results they want, not all parts of the system are broken. There are missing or weak links in the chain that require remediation. An online assessment allows you to​ identify weaknesses​ in processes, people, communication, and attitudes. Using this data, a plan can be formulated to correct or restructure existing positions or processes. Be sure the assessment tool you’re choosing also ​identifies your organization’s strengths as you’ll need to play off of those as you make uncomfortable changes.

2. Identifying Trends Among Groups Strengthens an Organization’s Synergy

Online assessments can provide data that, when compiled, identifies a misconception or areas of performance improvement among an entire group of people in your organization. It can reveal executive leaders or board governance practices that are not aligned with your organization’s vision. When your team is not working together towards the end-goal, efficiency goes out the window. An online assessment provides a feeling of anonymity that ​promotes honesty​, bringing these kinds of trends to the surface to be addressed. Repairing a gap in understanding will always bring about positive change and strengthen your executive team and board members’ synergy.

3. Online Assessment Drives Outcomes With Objective Data

Organizational leaders use ongoing assessments to drive outcomes. ​One way to do so is by using data to discover the personal roadblocks that keep employees from hitting goals and milestones. Surveys are the perfect method to gauge where your team stands, discover what you can do to make their work more productive, and make their responsibilities clearer and more concise.

4. ​Online Assessment Surveys Can Be Administered to the Executive Team with Ease

An online assessment platform’s unparalleled convenience is an immediate draw to any nonprofit with logistics issues lying in their lap. With unavoidable busy schedules, your executive leadership and board governance can complete an online assessment at any time. This kind of administration is efficient and cost-effective. When it’s time to get the results, a report will be digitally sent to every member involved.

5. Comparative Assessments Can Identify Hidden Assets in the Current Talent Pool

Skip the talent search and avoid the new hire headache by filling vacant mission-critical positions with individuals you’ve already got on your team. Comparative assessments and talent surveys can pinpoint which team member is best suited to move into a higher position. Conversely, it can identify a team member who isn’t performing to the level they are assigned. While these may be uncomfortable changes to address, it will benefit your nonprofit’s vision and mission.

6. Improve Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is quite possibly the most important benefit of any workplace assessment survey. When you express interest in your employee’s feedback, ideas, and opinions, it lets them know they are valued. You consider them an asset to the organization, and that realization alone can make them a more productive team member. Making changes to address concerns of the consensus can overhaul the workplace culture.

If your organization’s goals aren’t being met, or milestones are being missed, and you can’t quite put your finger on what changes need to be made, an assessment might be your next move. If you’re unsure how to get started or which investment tool is right for you, contact Dennis C. Miller Associates Inc. to inquire about their​ Executive Leadership & Board Governance Online Assessment Survey.

Learn how online assessment surveys can benefit your struggling nonprofit organization. Find out how Dennis C. Miller Associates Inc. can help!