Moving Your Nonprofit Board Away From “Tin Cup” Fundraising
A “revitalized” nonprofit board is actively engaged in philanthropy. However, most board members would rather “stick pins in their eyes” than participate in fundraising. We need to change from the “Tin Cup Theory” to the “Investment Theory” of fundraising to motivate and enhance their participation:
  • Don’t pressure your board members to ask for money, ask them to help you cultivate at least three individuals or organizations every year.
  • Remind your board that people give money because they want to invest in your success and not distress
  • Focus your cultivation and solicitation on the needs of those you serve and not on your organization’s needs
Educate your board to be able to answer four key questions:
  1. What is the value your organization provides to the community?
  2. What are your top two achievements this year?
  3. What distinguishes your organization from others?
  4. Why is your organization worthy of a gift?
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When we increase our board members self-confidence, they will become more motivated and engaged in the area of philanthropy.
To read more about how to more effectively engage your board in fundraising, read The Nonprofit Board Therapist.
The Nonprofit Board Therapist Book
Dennis C. Miller