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The leader next door

I met a leader in my neighborhood the other day. She doesn’t wear designer business suits or travel with an entourage of assistants. In fact, when I see her she is usually wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, and is buys moving packages from the porch of her church to the trunk of her compact SUV.

Increasing your leadership potential

Leadership is a behavior, not a position or a title. While some executives exhibit remarkable leadership behaviors, others simply become good managers, never fully realizing their capacity for leadership. The latter will likely have the skill and determination to operate a program and possibly even oversee an organization. It is the former, however, who will successfully guide an organization toward unlocking its true potential.

Making Mental Wellness a Workplace Priority

It just doesn’t make any sense. Mention to someone that you have a chronic condition like high cholesterol or heart disease, and they will shower you with empathy, offers of assistance, and maybe even a recipe for a healthy snack. Mention that you suffer from mental illness, and the same person is just as likely to find a quick excuse to exit the conversation.

Mentoring is Just Another Way of Helping

“Mentoring is the thing that propels people to successful lives, in my opinion. It’s a great support system, it builds your self-confidence, and, more importantly, even if you’re asking for a mentor, I find — particularly with millennials — millennials can mentor you, too.” ~Dennis C. Miller