Nonprofit Board Strategic Alignment

A comprehensive strategic plan is an important tool for nonprofit organizations. It should provide your organization with a detailed plan for achieving your strategic goals. According to Dennis, the traditional planning process often begins with high hopes and excitement, but far too often ends in disappointment with very little achieved. This disappointment is commonly the result of most strategic plans lacking the following four components:

  • An upfront, comprehensive organizational assessment
  • A clear inspiring vision
  • A comprehensive funding plan
  • A detailed plan for implementation and execution

Instead of a useless plan sitting on someone’s shelf collecting dust, Dennis has developed an innovative concept called Strategic Alignment which refers to the process of aligning all stakeholders, both internally and externally, to be focused and committed to achieving one goal: the organization’s vision.

Dennis’ plan of Strategic Alignment will provide your organization with the following benefits:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your organization’s strengths and areas of needed improvements based on best practices
  • An inspiring vision with established measures of success
  • Identification of all programs and services that need enhancement, development or elimination
  • Board Governance assessment tools to improve the work of the Board
  • New marketing, public relations and branding strategies
  • New fundraising/development strategies to provide necessary resources
  • Potential strategic affiliations and collaborations
  • Provide hands-on support through the entire implementation process

Our process of strategic planning for nonprofits will energize your executive and board leadership and maximize the full potential of your entire nonprofit organization for achieving your vision, strategic goals and long term success and sustainability.

“For 5 years, our nonprofit discussed developing a new strategic plan and even engaged the help of an outside group to help us with the process, but we kept spinning our wheels, getting nowhere. Then we met Dennis Miller and, in just 3 months, he thoroughly got to know our organization, identified our strengths and weaknesses, worked with us to refine our mission and vision statements, and identified the strategic goals we need to work towards in order to achieve our vision. Dennis is extremely knowledgeable of the not-for-profit sector, and his honesty and non-threatening manner facilitated the entire process. Our Board and staff are energized and excited about our future, grateful to Dennis for his help, and happy to call him a friend.”

Bonnie Holmes, Chairperson, Board of Trustees
NewBridge Services Inc.

“Dennis Miller has proven himself a superb coach, mentor and loyal friend to MCOHA. Dennis’s plain speaking no-nonsense approach is refreshing. His keen insights, his passion and sincere counsel are inspirational. With Dennis, our Board, ED and staff have crystallized MCOHA’s vision, clearly defined our mission and, together, are implementing a realistic and visionary strategic plan in service of a community that promotes cultural heritage where everyone is respected, self-sufficient and engaged in making a difference. Thank you Dennis!”

Gordon Graber, Esq., Chairman, Board of Trustees
MCOHA, formerly Morris County Organization for Hispanic Affairs