The Nonprofit Search Group, a newly formed partnership between Dennis C. Miller and The Angeletti Group Executive Search Division (TAG), specializes in executive search projects representing a wide variety of industries, including independent and higher education, healthcare, human and social services, faith-based institutions, the arts, and other community building organizations.

Whether your nonprofit organization is seeking to recruit a new board member, chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, chief development officer or other key position, The Nonprofit Search Group has a well-established search process designed to exceed client expectations with high qualified candidates and a smooth transition process.

Dennis’s extensive experience and reputation as a leadership coach in the nonprofit sector along with his prior experience as both a medical center and healthcare foundation CEO and board chair enable him to bring a unique perspective to his client’s executive search needs.

The broad scope of Dennis’ and TAG’s collective experience provides The Nonprofit Search Group with a full understanding of the specific requirements and functions of key executive positions in the nonprofit sector. We provide our clients with a complete range of executive search services from the beginning of a search to its completion.

The Nonprofit Search Group has a five-stage process for conducting each client’s executive search needs:

  1. Analyze the strategic challenges and the role that the new position will need to play in addressing them. We work very closely with each client to identify the skills and experience needed for the position and will develop a comprehensive customized position and candidate profile for each client’s approval.
  2. Conduct a targeted search into organizations and sectors to identify those with the relevant skill-sets and qualifications required by each client. Develop a list of qualified prospects for consideration.
  3. Approach potential candidates to test their interest in the new position, communicate the strengths of the client organization and persuade strong candidates to consider the new opportunity.
  4. Present the most qualified candidates after conducting in-depth interviews, reference checks and evaluations that best match the position profile developed in stage one.
  5. Complete the search and provide follow-up support during the initial phase of the candidate’s tenure. Conduct client satisfaction survey.

For more information on The Nonprofit Search Group, please visit or contact one of our Managing Directors at (973) 540-1400 or

“Our board needed help with a monumental responsibility: selecting the right person to succeed the founder of our 30-year-old community-based organization. Well, Mr. Miller exceeded our expectations. He brought deep understanding and years of real world experience to the task. Significantly, his legendary wit and good humor kept our anxieties under control and enhanced our decision-making. As a result, we believe we’ve selected the best person to help us meet the challenges of an increasingly dynamic, fast-changing world.”

Elliott Lee, Board Chair
Housing and Neighborhood Development Services (HANDS, Inc.)

“Dennis Miller was invaluable in assisting our Board in the difficult job of transitioning from our founding executive director to her successor. His insights and knowledge helped us make the perfect choice and enabled a smooth transition for the staff, the new ED and the Board.”

Bob Michaels, Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Housing Partnership of NJ